Our story, The End

Time flies, people change.

Knowing you at first as my secret admire was that much fun.
You know I'm a shy person and difficult to approached.
But, you never give up to make me talk, laugh even smile to you.
You make jokes, call my name and always smile brightly in fornt of me
Yeahh, you got me!
Soon, when I have comfortable with you.
We started to message each other. Started to know each other.
I tell you my hobbies, sharing my problem even tell my secret.
We make jokes like a couple. Helping you to be a better person.
Sent you morning and night wishes. Waking up you from sleep.
We was like a couple!!
You just make my heart open to accept people.
Then, you changed. I thought I made mistake.
But, you said you have a problem. You want to settle problem with you own.
I said, " Saya tunggu diri awak yang dulu "
You replied, " Jangan tunggu. Ia akan buat awak sakit "
You also mention, " Bertuah saya ada kawan macam awak "
Seriously, I don't understand. Before this, you said you want me.
And now, you said we were friend? Did you know, you just hurt my feeling.
If you don't want my heart, don't act like you want it!
So, let's stop our story. I think it better for us, right?
I hope you get a better person. Thank you for make my day full with happiness.
And, thank you because open my scar again.


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